Friday, March 26, 2010

My brain and Iceland

Thought your brains might be interested to know -- while I was on a lecture tour to Iceland last week, March 28th had the “Biggest wind in Iceland.“ It was considered to be the worst day of the year so far with 50 m / sec winds. Another brain did the math for me: 1 meter per second = 2.23693629 miles per hour. 50 Meters per Second = 111.84681460272012 Miles per Hour.

What did that wind feel like? The evening before on a 3-hour ferry ride out to Vestmanneyjar (Westham Island) the seas were pretty rough as the wind built up. Many of the passengers were sea sick the entire trip. On Sunday morning, the 28th, I was unable to open the car door from the inside, and a passenger who did manage to get out to take a picture was literally blown to the ground. What an amazing experience! My brain's opinion is that I will "pass" on visiting that island in the winter - - - might muss my hair!

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