Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heart, Gut, and Brain Intelligences

Did you think that intelligence happens only in your brain? Think again. Intelligence is actually somewhat diffuse. According to Robert Cooper, author of The Other 90%, there is intelligence in the “heart” brain and also in the “gut” brain. When you have a direct experience with something, it goes first to the neurological networks of your intestinal tract and your heart. Then it filters up to the brain. In fact, Cooper has described the “gut brain” (enteric nervous system) as a second brain inside your intestines, which is independent of but also interconnected with the brain in your cranium. This may be the reason you often experience your first reaction to a specific situation as a “gut reaction,” which often shapes and impacts everything you do. Pull the intelligence perceptions of your heart, gut, and brain together. This can help increase your emotional intelligence, too.

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