Saturday, February 16, 2013

Multi-lingual Brain

Are you able to speak more than one language? If so, you have just placed yourself in a category of human beings that tend to be better at music and math, tend to test better, and tend to be better at left-brain learning as compared with people who speak only one language. There is also a general correlation with bilingual or multilingual abilities and retarding the onset of symptoms of aging. Some say that learning new languages may also increase your intelligence overall because of the stimulation to your brain and the way in which it “learns to learn.” Growing up I learned to read and write French passably, but my French grandmother wanted her grandchildren not to have any accent so she didn’t teach us to speak French. I haven’t found anything yet that mentions benefits from reading and writing a second language although it would stand to reason they exist. At some level I’m gender-bilingual but I haven’t seen any research correlating that with the being-better-at research, either. Being gender-bilingual, however, can enhance cross-gender communication.

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