Sunday, March 3, 2013

Brain Size vs Function, Part 2

The ongoing studies of crow brains have revealed that these birds are likely smarter than parrots, that up until recently were thought to be the smartest of birds. Crow adaptability and creativity are keeping humans, who are trying to outwit them, very challenged. Crows produce at least 250 distinct crow calls. Each bird has its own distinctive voice along with public and private dialects, which each uses depending on the environmental circumstances. Crows have been observed cracking nuts by dropping them onto a hard surface from the exact requisite height to avoid the nut disintegrating from the impact. When in a city environment, crows drop the nut as the signal light turns red, allowing them time to fly down and retrieve it before traffic can smash it. The functional levels of crow miniscule brains are able to produce functions that so far are found in very few species, a group that includes elephants, chimpanzees, and humans. So, how are you using your brains?

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