Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dental X-rays and Risk for Meningioma, 2

I am fortunate with my dentist, someone who keeps up with current American Dental Association (ADA) recommendations and who is willing to work with me (but then I chose him carefully). Other people have not been as fortunate. Take my friend Grace, for example. She went to her dentist and made a similar request to mine (see yesterday’s blog). Her dentist gave an entirely different response. Reportedly,  told her that annual dental X-rays were recommended by the ADA and unless she agreed to them she could find another dentist. (Seems the man might not have been keeping up with current ADA recommendations…) Grace, having already done her homework related to cumulative exposure to dental X-rays, agreed to be discharged on the spot and found a new dentist. Her story points to the importance of taking responsibility for your own health. Healthcare professionals are not omniscient, dentists included. I go to them to take advantage of their education and experience. However, I expect mine to stay current with recommendations and be willing to work with me about how we will care for MY brain and body—including my teeth. Smile. Meningioma? Maybe not . . .

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