Friday, September 12, 2014

Brain and Homework

Have you be hearing about the movement to "ban homework" for students? I've been advocating that for 20 years! Gaithersburg Elementary School in Rockville, Maryland, is one example of a school that eliminated the traditional concept of homework in 2012. The policy is still in place and working fine, Principal Stephanie Brant told TODAY Parents. The school simply asks that students read 30 minutes each night. Brandt explained: “We felt like with the shift to the Common Core curriculum, and our knowledge of how our students need to think differently… we wanted their time to be spent in meaningful ways." Couple that with Haim Genoit's belief that "play is the work of children," along with the belief that learning a concept in school should not require 100 additional problems in the evening to fix it into the brain, children might just be starting to "get a life!" I certainly hope so. My work with students has shown that the brain will learn--with hours of homework every night, however, what many brains are learning is to "hate school!" It's way past time to change that . . .

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