Friday, August 30, 2019

Brain Belief – Common Questions, 10

Beliefs can change, right? (more to come)

Of course they can, yes. Because your brain created or embraced them to begin with. Beliefs definitely are susceptible to alteration—positively as well as negatively. Knowledge is increasing by leaps and bounds. As new information becomes available, one’s former belief can be changed. For example, it used to be believed that the people used only about 10% of the brain on a regular basis. That belief has been debunked based on studies using brain scans and other testing modalities. People use all of the brain all the time because everything works together. It used to be thought that the brain “rested” while a person slept. That, too, has been debunked. The brain does not rest, per se, during sleep. Many parts of the brain are more active during sleep than they are during wakefulness. And people once believed that the world was flat and you could “fall off the edge” or that the sun rotated around planet earth instead of the other way around.

Is it difficult to change a belief? (more to come)

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