Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is there Really an Athlete Brain?

Have you ever wondered if the brain of an elete athlete is different from the brains of non-athletes? So have researchers. Turns out that current studies show there is a difference. Studies have shown that the brain's of athletes emitted stronger alpha waves, which indicate a restful state. This finding suggests that an athlete’s brain is like a race car idling in neutral, ready to spring into action. This means that the brains of athletes are more efficient, so they produce the desired result with the help of fewer neurons. The more efficient a brain, the better job it does in sports. Good genes may account for some of the differences in ability, but even the most genetically well-endowed prodigy clearly needs a great deal of practice to develop the brain of an athlete. As soon as someone starts to practice a new sport, the brain begins to change! Read more . . .

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