Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nasreddin and the Street Lamp

I find Nasreddin stories fascinating. Turkey claims him, but so do other countries, including China and India. One dark night, so one fable goes, a neighbor noticed Nasreddin out in front of his house, down on his elbows and knees beneath the light of the street lamp. Obviously, Nasreddin was looking for something, carefully and methodically.
“What are you searching for?” asked the neighbor.
“My keys,” Nasreddin responded.
Being a good neighbor, the other man got down on his knees and pitched in to help. They searched and searched without finding the keys.
Becoming tired, the good neighbor finally sat back on his heels and asked, “Are you absolutely certain that you lost your keys here?”
“Of course I didn’t lose them here,” replied Nasreddin, “I lost them in my cellar.”
“Then what on earth are you doing looking for them out here under the street lamp?” asked the neighbor.
“Because there is more light out here,” replied Nasreddin.
When faced with a problem, have you ever wasted time and energy looking for a solution in the wrong place?

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