Friday, August 14, 2015

Quentin and Voice Tone

Friends of mine have an over-abundance (my brain's opinion, smile) of large, beautiful, and unusual parrots. One of them, Quentin, is not only gorgeous but also kinesthetic and totally lovable. Unfortunately, he is not overly bright (and that is giving him the benefit of the doubt). Quentin will sit on my finger for almost as long as I will talk to him, ruffling his crest and stretching out a wing now and then. It doesn't matter what I say as long as I say it in a voice that is warm, pleasant, and affirming. On one occasion I said, "Quentin, how can a bird that is so beautiful be so completely dumb?" Then we just had to laugh because he preened and strutted as if I had just given him the greatest compliment in the world. It reinforced for me the importance of tone of voice in communication--with birds and four-footed creatures as well as with people.

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