Friday, August 31, 2012

Read, Read, Read

How much do you read? Studies have shown that the more you read, the more you know, and the smarter you grow. Not only that, the more diplomas you earn the more likely you are to earn more money in a lifetime, and even your children’s grades tend to be higher in school. It appears that you get more out of what you read when you read aloud, too. Reading aloud also reinforces speaking abilities stored in your brain. Do you have children of your own, or nieces and nephews, or do you know children in your community? The single most important activity for building knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children. It has been found to be more important that worksheets, homework, assignments, book reports, and flashcards. If you already are a prolific reader, wonderful. If not, start now to build new habits. Read. Read to yourself. Read to others. Read silently. Read aloud. Read hard-copy books or via electronic readers. Read!

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