Friday, August 24, 2012

Your Unconscious Mind

Did you know the conscious mind has the power to control many so-called involuntary actions? Using biofeedback techniques laboratory subjects have learned how to consciously alter actions (e.g., lower blood pressure, control amount of acid secreted in the stomach, regulate body temperature, and increase frequency of alpha waves in their brains). They have even learned to regulate their dreams (even children can learn to do this). For another example, “wet dreams” have rarely been observed in a dream lab yet it's a natural and common occurrence for males (e.g., males ejaculate semen during a dream). The conclusion by some researchers is that some type of control is involved (e.g., the brain is "conscious" of being observed and actively prevents an otherwise involuntary action from taking place). (Padus, Emrika, Exec. Edit. The Complete Guide to Your Emotions and Your Health. P.318-320. PA:Rodale Press, Inc, 1992)

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