Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Food Brain Messages

As I'm sure you are aware, more and more information is being released about nutrition and the brain, including an emphasis on moving toward Mediterranean cuisine as an anti-aging strategy. Along with that, it's time you dumped some of the food messages you brain may have received during childhood. For example: "Clean your plate before you leave the table." With the portion size in many restaurants this advice is a prescription for overeating. Or how about, "Finish your vegetables if you want any desert." The message to the brain is that desert is desirable and there is something basically boring with vegetables. You might want to take a close look at the admonitions running through your brain. Record positive messages as needed, such as: "I put appropriate amounts of food on my plate, eat slowly, masticate thoroughly, and stop eating as soon as I am satisfied."  Or, "I am enjoying vegetables and they are improving my brain function. Two bites of desert are okay once in awhile, too." Help yourself be successful. ONLY have healthy foods in your house. Shrbert rather than high-fat ice cream; baked vegie chips instead of deep fried. It only takes about three weeks of consistency to retrain your taste buds, as long as you are not sabotaging the learning with unhelpful messages. If you have children and grandchildren, they watch you eat. Give them healthy rolemodeling. Matter of fact, your own mirror neurons watch you eat . . .

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