Saturday, March 9, 2013

HIRREM Brain Sessions

No, that's not a typo. It's an acronym for a new technology: high-resolution, relational, resonance-based electroencephalic mirroring. (No wonder that mouthful needed an acronym!) HIRREM, sometimes referred to as brain optimization, is a noninvasive procedure that has been designed to reflect the brain's frequencies back to the brain. Based on the premise that the human brain is the master regulator of all human experience, improved self-regulation is thought to be the most efficacious way to attain greater well-being. Hirrem uses mirroring but instead of visual images it converts information about brainwave energy into musical sounds that are played back to the brain in real time. As the brain receives this information it can recognize its own patterns of imbalance or disharmony and begin to shift toward greater balance and harmony. How might HIRREM be used? In treating insomnia, for one. Researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine gave insomnia-sufferers eight to twelve HIRREM sessions over a three-week period. Clients who received HIRREM sessions experienced a significant reduction in insomnia symptoms (compared with a control group that received standard care that did not include HIRREM. Results lasted over a four-week
period of follow-up.

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