Monday, December 2, 2013

Sleep Deprivation #6

Missing out on sleep can damage both your physical and emotional health. Jane  Brody, writer of a "Well" blog in the New York Times, has some suggestions.
1.  Engaging in physical activity (exercise) during the day can help you to fall asleep later on in the day. Because physical activity can increase your alertness, however, avoid exercising within 2-3 hours of  bedtime.
2. Managing anxiety and negative stress can help improve your sleep. Try taking a bath, relaxing your muscles, or meditating just before going to bed.
3. Making healthy choices about food and beverages can help improve the quality of your sleep. Avoid eating a big meal, drinking alcohol , or ingesting caffeine just before going to bed.
4. Consulting with your physician about prescription and over-the-counter drugs can result in medication changes that could improve your quality of sleep.
Each brain has an optimum sleep requirement. Make it a priority to figure out what your brain needs and then figure out how to give it what it needs.

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