Monday, June 16, 2014

Male Brain and Parenting

I trust all you fathers had a happy day on Sunday. This week I’m focusing on newly reported research that applies to fathers, and some aspects that apply to males in general. According to an article by Melissa Healy in the Los Angeles Times, “Parenting a small child requires the forethought of a crisis planner, the reflexes of a professional goalkeeper, the energy of a cheerleader and the empathy of a therapist.” Having done my share of pounding nails as well as parenting, I’d say she’s pretty much hit the nail on the head. Although contemporary socio-cultural changes dramatically increased fathers' involvement in childrearing, little has been known about the brain basis of human fatherhood, its comparability with the maternal brain, and its sensitivity to caregiving experiences. In addition, some have questioned gay-male parenting in the absence of a female parent. Eyal Abraham of Bar-Ilan University, and his associates, decided to investigate this. 
Part 2 tomorrow. 

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