Thursday, August 7, 2014

Creativity Brain Boosts

Would you like to boost your creativity? Jonah Lehrer, who wrote Imagine How Creativity Works, has suggested several ways to increase one's creativity.

1. The color blue, which normally leads to more relaxed moods, increases problem solving of "insight puzzles"
2. People who are groggy perform better at certain types of creative problem solving.
3. Daydreaming is a sign of a creative mind.
4. Laughter, induced by comedy, can raise creativity, which was shown in people trying to solve insight puzzles.
5. When tested for creativity, people who worked directly outside of a cubicle performed better than those who worked inside of it.
6. People who have lived in multiple countries were more likely to perform better on insight puzzles.

If you’d like to practice solving some insight puzzles, check out the following URL. That'll give your brain some fun challenges over the next few days.

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