Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams and Depression

It seems appropriate to digress from commenting on the Ebolavirus to pause and remember the talent of Robin Williams. Every human brain is different. Once in a while, however, a brain comes along that seems gifted in an amazingly unique way. Robin Williams was one of those brains. Shocked and saddened by his death, more than one person has been quoted in the news as saying: “There will never be another just like him.” No, there won’t. I did not know Robin Williams personally so cannot comment about his specific struggles. I can hope that his untimely death will shine a spotlight on depression and motivate people to discuss it openly and get help personally, as needed. You may recall hearing Robin Williams’ comment from the movie Dead Poets Society: “Seize the day . . .” How poignant that seems now.  How wonderful if we could lighten the sadness of his family. Perhaps just recalling how Robin Williams contributed to laughter around the world is one way. More tomorrow.

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