Thursday, November 5, 2015

Think with Your Heart

It was once believed that neurons lived only in your brain and in the central and peripheral nervous tissue. Now it is know that there are neurons in many places throughout your body. In your heart, for example; that organ about the size of your fist that keeps blood pumping to your brain, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your neurons. Once thought to contain only muscle cells, researchers have found that your heart contains neurons, as well, 40,000 plus. They look like those in your brain, eat the same type of neurotrophic food, use the same neurotransmitters, are probably supported and assisted by glial cells—and ‘think.’ Admittedly, it’s a new way of perceiving functions of the heart. According to Sir Ken Robinson, stories can reach and educate both heart and mind. No wonder eloquent and often beloved writers and speakers tend to use 'stores' as their basic communication medium.


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