Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fiji Under the Sea

In actuality, I know very little about Fiji – although as I child I was so curious about it and hoped I could go there one day.  Well, next year I may get my wish as I have been invited to present some brain-function seminars that. What fun! Opening my email today I discovered that my friend and colleague, Dr. Banford, had send me the URL for a YouTube presentation about life under the sea in Fiji. Just having finished presenting three brain-function seminars I kicked off my shoes in my hotel room and proceeded to watch the YouTube. Oh, My, Goodness. Most of the underwater creatures I had never seen before and they were amazing. You may want to take a few minutes and watch this . . . And, last but not least, Happy Birthday to my friend and superb composer-pianist-organist, David H. Hegarty.


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