Monday, March 7, 2016

Struggling with Forgiveness?

Anger, bitterness, hostility, and unforgiveness are hungry parasites that feed and feed until there is nothing left for the brain or heart to eat. ¾Arlene R. Taylor
So begins my mini-monograph on forgiveness. I’ve been asked to speak about the brain and forgiveness a lot lately. Some have heard about the work to Herbert Benson MD, internationally known cardiologist and researcher. His studies have shown how critically important forgiveness is for the health and wellbeing of the person doing the forgiving. You forgive for ‘your’ health and longevity, not for the one you are forgiving. This means that the person you are forgiving need not even know he or she is being forgiven, need not even be still alive. Once your brain ‘gets’ that forgiving yourself and others is healthy selfishness, it makes it easier. It’s about you, not them. By request I took the time to write out some of the information on forgiveness—the URL is below. I encourage you to embrace forgiveness; it’s good medicine.

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