Friday, May 20, 2016

Non-Organism Related Pandemics, 2

Of course you can also influence others 'positively' in your family and social network as you role-model high-level-healthiness living: especially for smoking, happiness, obesity, and so on. That's the good news. Some bad news is that national epidemics of obesity have joined forces to become pandemic—globally. Data released by the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Fact Book (July, 2013) listed the top fifty countries with high rates of obesity. Those with the most serious obesity rates were identified as being located in the South Pacific. Reportedly among the world’s largest countries, the most obese in the Western Hemisphere is The United States of Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos), with an obesity rate of 32.8 percent. It recently squeaked past the US, which has an estimated obesity rate of 31.8 according to some statistics. This was one factor in prompting me to develop the ‘Longevity Lifestyle Matters’ program—because there are ways to be healthier yourself and to help others within your social network do so, as well. [Likely dehydration, sleep deficit, and inadequate physical and mental activity follow right behind this pandemic—but these issues may be more difficult to assess and quantify.] 

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