Monday, June 27, 2016

The Brain and the NBA

I was actually writing my next Brain Bulletin while watching game seven of the NBA finals between the Warriors and Cavaliers. My brain wrote precious little as it quickly became involved with what was going on. You understand that I’ve never been a basketball fan. Ever. Had never heard of ‘three-pointers.’ You get my drift. Sometime, somewhere, however, I had caught a news clip about Stephen Curry and his ability to shoot baskets from almost the middle of the court (well, that’s what it looked like to me!). I have a huge regard for what brain and body in concert, and with the correct mindset, can accomplish. The news clip peaked my interest in basketball for the first time. Although I didn’t sit and watch any games, I paid attention to news reports about which games the Warriors won. And they were winning a lot of them! By the time it was announced that the Golden State Warriors would be playing the Cleveland Cavaliers, I was hooked. Because there was yet another story: player LeBron James, who changed teams with the goal of helping the Cavaliers that had never won a NBA series—win. More tomorrow.

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