Friday, September 9, 2016

Nomophobia or OCD

Personally, I am quite attached to my iPhone (at least when I am in the USA) and use it frequently to communicate about my nonprofit corporation, Realizations Inc. It does not take the place of interpersonal real-time social interactions and other life activities, however, and I am careful to balance the two. For example, I turn off my iPhone when I am having lunch with a friendcallers can leave a message. I do my daily morning walk unaccompanied by my iPhone so that I can devote my whole attention to nature around me and to creative brainstorming. I let the phone go to voicemail when I am creating a new article or a new seminar presentation. Developing nomophobia is not one of my goals. 
You may enjoy the article by Russell B. Clayton et al entitled “The Extended iSelf: The Impact of iPhone Separation on Cognition, Emotion, and Physiology.” Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, Vol. 20, No. 2, pages 119-135; March 2015.

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