Monday, February 12, 2018

Brain-Computer Similarities, 7

No surprise, both brains and computers can be damaged if not destroyed by accidents, injuries, and trauma. If you and your brain become immersed in water and cannot breathe in air and oxygen, the brain cells start to die. If you experience severe injuries that involve excessive bleeding, there may be insufficient blood getting to your brain, which can result in death. If you whack your head on a hard surface or receive blows to the head or are violently shaken, some of the neuronal axons or nerve pathways can break in two and be severed. This can interfere with the neurons’ ability to communicate with each other, which can interfere with the brain’s ability to “think,” and can lead to pugilistic Parkinson’s or other types of dementia (as with sports-related head injuries and subsequent dementia). If a computer becomes immersed in water, it can short-out and “die,” too. Drop your computer and some functions may be damaged, if not completely destroyed. Sometimes it can be repaired and sometimes it cannot. More tomorrow.

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