Friday, November 15, 2019

Choose to Laugh

You rarely laugh because there is nothing to laugh about? Laughter is a choice. I hear people say, "Oh, my, that was really funny wasn't it!" but they aren't choosing to laugh about it and the benefits to brain and body come more with laughter than simply the recognition that something was funny. I find humor in almost everything. Perhaps you might want to take a laugh class or evaluate the level to which you have developed your sense of humor. If you can laugh at yourself and the vagaries of life, you carry with you an unending supply of triggers for laughter. When I was working as Compliance Officer and Risk Manager for a large healthcare system, if I needed a chuckle all I had to do was stop and read a chart or two. For example, one entry read: “Large brown stool ambulating in the hall.” I burst out laughing thinking, what that a large brown stool on which people can sit or was it a large brown stool that was related to GI evacuation? A few moments of belly laughter can change one’s neurochemistry for several hours.

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