Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Genes Impacts

I read that in Iceland two people must have permission from the government in order to marry. What are we coming to?

When I was speaking in Icelandwonderful country, and I have loved my visits there!I was told was told that because it is a relatively small and isolated country, and there have been relatively few intermarriages with people from other countries, a couple does need to notify the Government of their wish to marry. Iceland will then trace their genealogy and tell them if they are “too closely related” to have a wise marriage. If individuals have a similar genome that contains mutations, one gene might not cause any disease or malformations. However, when combined with another similar gene, the risk does increase. If individuals were guaranteed protection from procreation, it wouldn’t matter who they married and what genes they carried. The issue comes when no one knows for sure how combining genes from two individuals will impact their offspring.

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