Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Age-Proofing Your Brain – Water, 2

Water is the main constituent of Earth's streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms. It is an essential nutrient for all known forms of life, even though it provides no calories or organic nutrients. Your brain floats on its own personal “waterbed.” Your spinal cord, and eyes are all surrounded by water. When you run, jump, and exercise, the cushion of water helps protect your brain and other body organs from injury. Brain cells need twice as much energy to do their work as other cells in the body. Water provides this energy better than any other substance. As water flows in and out of brain cells, it generates electrical energy much like the turbines in a hydroelectric plant, which is enough to power a low-wattage light bulb. The brain spends about half of all its energy transmitting messages along nerve pathways. Insufficient water intake negatively impacts all brain-body systems. It can result in wrinkling of skin, which usually means that some of your internal body organs are wrinkling, too. By the time you feel thirsty (if your thirst sensation is even functioning properly) your brain is likely already dehydrated. A one percent dehydration level results in a five percent decline in cognitive thinking. Be wise. Energize with water!

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