Friday, March 20, 2020

SARS-Cov-2 (Three little pigs)

Sensational news “sells.” Unfortunately, many people don’t have a background to help them process relevant news clips in a rational or logical manner. Many also lack a base of solid health information and/or willpower, which can result in a failure to implement good health habits in everyday life. With reports of the Coronavirus Pandemic—which is not a joke!—many people are worrying, becoming fearful, and even panicking. You may already know that anxiety, worry, and fear downshift the brain—that is they trigger the brain to direct its attention and energy to subconscious portions of the brain where stress responses are housed (e.g., Fight-Flight, Conserve-Withdraw, Tend-Befriend). Not only does that increase a risk for making poor choices and "shooting from the hip" without using clear cognitive thinking, but also can suppress the immune system. You do want to follow recommended protocols to help keep you safe. Do you remember nursery rhymes about the little pigs? Well, I think of Proactive, Prudence, and Prevention as three little pigs. Those three “P’s,” Proactive Prudent Prevention, help remind me how to stay safer day after day—without becoming ongoingly fearful, and downshifting. More about prevention strategies coming.

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