Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Do you have more than one "father" to honor on this Father's Day? A "dad" may be your biological father, a step-father, a role-model father, or a nurturing father. Fatherhood is an important role. According to anthropologist Maurice Godelier, the parental role assumed by human males is a critical difference between human society and that of humans' closest biological relatives—chimpanzees and bonobos—who appear to be unaware of their "father" connection. Active "dads" can offer many benefits to their offspring. They can play a key role in reducing behavior and psychological problems in young men and women and can help them develop greater problem-solving skills. An increased amount of father–child involvement may help increase a child's social stability, educational achievement, and their potential to build solid relationships in adulthood. Affirm your "dads" today. Each one gave you something to learn.

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