Thursday, June 7, 2012

Use the Quieting Reflex

Did you know that and the six-second Quieting Reflex or QR can be used as a key strategy to interrupt the stress cycle? Along with exercise, brain breathing, meditation, massage, change of activities, and humor, the QR was developed by Charles F. Stroebel, MD, in the 80s. It was designed to break the stress cycle by substituting opposite body reactions. It can even be used to help break patterns involving everyday stressful thoughts. As soon as you recognize any tension, respond immediately by using the steps of the QR: 1. Smile to counter facial tension and alter the brain’s neurochemistry 2. Tell your brain and body to be alert but calm and even amused 3. Breathe deeply and easily to increase the level of oxygen at the cellular level 4. Exhale and allow your body muscles go limp as you feel warmth flowing through body to toes 5. Resume your normal activity

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