Thursday, October 4, 2012


According to Goleman, a core skill in social awareness is empathy (the essential building block for compassion), of which there are several types:
1.  Cognitive Empathy (I can figure out how you see things and can put things in terms you can understand) - Executives who are higher in cognitive empathy do better in foreign postings, because they pick up unspoken norms of another culture more quickly.
2. Emotional Empathy (I feel with you) - Individuals who excel in emotional empathy, the basis for rapport and chemistry, tend to make good teachers, counselors, group leaders, and client managers.
3.  Empathetic Concern (I sense you need help and I am ready to give it) - Those who have high levels of empathic concern tend to help out voluntarily as needed in groups, organizations, and the community.
How are your empathy skills? Are you able to exhibit compassion and still get the job done?

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