Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Flu and the Flu

Studies have shown that when a male and a female each come down with the flu, all things being equal, the male will generally feel much worse (because his body doesn't handle fluid fluctuation in muscle tissue as effectively as does the female body). No doubt you’ve heard about this phenomenon, if you haven’t experienced it personally. He is splayed out on the couch, certain he won’t live through the evening much less the night. Groaning, he says, “Could you bring me some 7-Up?” She responds with, “What? I’m trying to put dinner on the table and I’ve got the flu, too. Get your own 7-Up!” Okay, there are many women who are not this unresponsive, but you get the idea. Even if she doesn’t say anything, however, she may still be thinking it! Knowing this is no license for you guys to milk your flu episode for all it’s worth. On the other hand, some of you gals might want to cut the males in your circle a bit more slack. Truly, many of them do report feeling as if they’re dying!

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