Friday, June 7, 2013

Say "Yes" to the Brain Whenever Possible

Did you catch a recent news item about the mother who decided to stop saying “no” to her child? Although response comments were mixed, my brain’s opinion is that this woman must be either aware of current brain-function information or is very intuitive or both. Her new perspective does dovetail with what neuroscientists report about how the brain works best. Most adult brains dislike hearing the word “no,” to say nothing of developing brains who are trying to differentiate and for whom a “no” signifies interference with that process. How can a person stop saying “no” to the brain (their own as well as the brains of others)? It begins with thoughtful preplanning, your personal mindset, and your own behavioral choices. Reminds me of a bumper sticker that read “Never say no if you can say yes.” I’ve rephrased it from a more positive position: “Always say yes even if you need to use a qualifier.” A qualifier could be, “Yes and . . .” or “Yes when . . .” or “Yes if . . .” More about this tomorrow.

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