Saturday, June 1, 2013

Reading Your Mind

Okay, conventional brain-function wisdom has been that no one can read another person’s mind. According to Kurzweil News, Google (at its recent developers conference) announced a new set of tools designed to change that. For example, if you ask Google some specific types of questions, it will now try to predict your follow-up questions and answer them, as well. Do you want to know the population of India? Ask for that data and you will also receive information on the population of China and the United States, because Google knows those are the most common follow-up questions. Reportedly, this is an attempt to become the omnipotent, human-like “Star Trek” search engine that Google executives say they want it to be. I wonder how Google would handle questions such as:  “Shall I have one more for the road?” or “Is this internet acquaintance safe to date?” or “How will spending 30 minutes a day doing brain aerobic exercises impact my risk of aging?”

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