Friday, November 8, 2013

"I'm Busy."

"Is there really such a thing as ONE?! One what? 
For example, how can we say we are each ONE person when each one of us is made of an estimated 100 TRILLION cells that are then each made of an estimated 100 TRILLION atoms?

Inside the nucle
us of each of your atoms are much much smaller protons rotating around each other at the speed of light inside which one are 10 to the 60th (a 1 with 59 zeros after it) much much much smaller packets of energy called Planck voxels (spherical Planck units) that make up the very fabric of space-time in an infinite holofractalgraphic 3D flower of life structure we call space.

So the next time someone asks you if you are busy, no matter if it is on the personal, physical, biological, chemical, cellular, atomic, sub-atomic or even at the Planck voxel level, the answer is always YES!"

The Resonance Project 

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