Monday, March 16, 2015

Video Games Controversy

Last week my blogs related to Foods with addictive-like behaviors. That reminds me of the controversy regarding video games and their level of desirability or undesirability. There are many things to consider with video games and the controversy continues to rage. There can be benefits to playing video games such as enhancing eye-hand coordination, enjoying a hobby and play time, and building motor connections in the cerebellum. There can be negatives, too, related to the amount of time spent playing to the exclusion of other activities and connections that constitute a balanced life. The content of the video can be important, as well, with the perception about mirror neurons in the pre-frontal cortex: they fire as if the action was being done by the person watching. Companies who  create video games are releasing versions that are increasing complex, compelling, realistic, and you name it. All of this is designed to capture and hold the attention of those playing the games and, of course, to sell more games. But are they addictive-like? More tomorrow.

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