Thursday, February 25, 2016

Arizona’s Javelina, 2

My brain got some additional stimulation as it learned about the Arizona Javelinas, creatures that may be descendants of collared peccaries that lived with the ancient Mayas in South America. Apparently they migrated north (the javelinas, not the Mayas), walking on only two toes of each foot. (They have three toes on their hind feet and four toes on their front feet. They are quite nimble—can leap six feet and jump up bout two feet—and gallop up to 25 miles an hour. Of course they leave behind them a cloud of dust and their distinctive javelina ‘perfume.’ About two feet in height, a full-grown javelina averages about three feet in length and can weigh between 40-50 pounds. Cute but do not feed them and remember they cannot be domesticated . . .If you want to see more pictures of javelinas, you may want to check out this URL.

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