Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Auditory System and Rhythm

Study results have suggested that musical rhythmic abilities correlate with improved performance in non-music areas. This appears to be particularly true with language. Rhythm ability is inherently part of music and of language and it may be that hearing is a common basis for these associations. Perhaps musical training, with an emphasis on rhythmic skills, exercises the auditory system. In turn this may lead to strong sound-to-meaning associations that are so essential in learning to read. (Although hearing may not be the only basis, as was clearly pointed out with the Mirror Ball Trophy winner recently who was hearing impaired!) Reportedly researches are working on a multi-year study evaluating the effects of musical training on beat synchronization, response consistency, and reading skills in children who engage in musical training. You might want to make sure the children in your family get musical training—and role-modeling begins with you. 

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