Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Singing, Immune System, and Brain

Do you like to sing? You may want to join a choir! Don't know if you like to sing? Try it! Researchers led by Daisy Fancourt PhD studied the mechanisms behind the effect of music on the immune system. Her research in this field won the 2014 Arnold Bentley New Initiatives Award, the 2015 Young Investigator Scholarship from the American Psychosomatic Society, and the 2015 Ruth Bowden Scholarship for academic excellence in a doctorate in the field of medicine from the British Federation of Women Graduates. Impressive! Studies performed in South Wales found that singing in a choir for only one hour can improve mood, reduce stress, and even boost immune proteins. The greatest improvements in mood were seen among those experiencing the highest level of depression and the lowest sense of mental well being overall. More tomorrow.

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