Thursday, January 19, 2017


Back to Webster’s dictionary. Humiliated is defined as reducing a person to a lower position in the person’s own eyes or in the eyes of others; injuring their dignity and self-respect, especially publicly. My brain’s opinion is that no one can embarrass or humiliate you unless you permit that, unless you agree with their assessment and tell your brain to believe it. If you believe that you are just as valuable as anyone else, albeit each brain is unique, then your brain must agree to perceive itself as being reduced to a lower position as compared to the other individual. My brain is somewhat dyslexic and early in my career I allowed myself to be embarrassed and even humiliated at times because I found spelling so challenging. No longer. I now thank other brains for helping me correct something that is difficult for my brain, which in no way diminishes who I am or puts me a step down from the person who has found a spelling error on one of my presentation slide. But that perspective finds its start in the brain—just like everything else. 

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