Thursday, January 26, 2017

Love, Love, and the Brain

“What is love?” Good question. Love as a form of attachment and nurturing can be found in species other than humans—although non-humans do not seem to exhibit romantic love as do human beings. Romantic love is a horse of a different color, as the old saying goes. A combination of brain-body chemicals and romantic ideals or expectations can cause a tsunami so powerful that it provides a chemical illusion of love (although it rarely lasts much longer than a eighteen months to two years—unless the two individuals live on opposite sides of the country and see each other infrequently). This type of love is often seen in adolescents as well as in adults of every age. Just look at Hollywood! Examples abound on a daily basis of individuals who ‘fell in love’ but decided within months or years that it no longer exists—often because they perceive the other as ‘not meeting their needs.’ Where does love being? Biologists tend to agree (2004 studies by J. Roughgarden) that love is a belief that exists primarily, if not only, in one’s brain and mind. More Tomorrow.

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