Friday, March 31, 2017

Inflammation – Chronic, 2

Inflammation can become chronic due to differing factors. In addition to injury or infection, those factors may include poor quality nutrition or failure to implement portion control that can lead to morbid obesity, emotional or mental or physical stressors, lack of physical exercise, and exposure to chemical and environmental toxins. There is not always a specific cause that can be pointed to, and sometimes no cause may be identified at all. Some continuing inflammatory conditions are known as autoimmune diseases, which come in many different forms. Often what autoimmune diseases have in common is that the body misidentifies part of itself as being an invader and mounts an unnecessary and unwanted attack against itself. Multiple sclerosis is an example of a chronic condition where the body begins to destroy the myelin that is the fiber-optic wrapping around the long axons of some neurons. As the myelin begins to disappear, messages do not always quickly or accurately transmit across neuron pathways. Although medicine rarely uses the term ‘cured’ with autoimmune diseases, the good news is that enough is now known about them that those who carefully follow treatment guidelines and recommendations often experience long remissions and can enjoy productive and satisfying lives.

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