Friday, March 17, 2017

Sugar-Alzheimer’s Link, 2

Sugar is included in many highly processed prepared foods—not just in deserts and beverages. It is relatively easy for the brain reward system to become attached to sugar and crave it regularly. For that reason many advocate purchasing products that assure ‘no sugar added’ (as long as those same products are not filled with artificial sweeteners, which are believed in many cases to also act as brain toxins.) So what to eat? Food in as natural state as possible free of additives. For example, applesauce comes packaged with or without sugar. Eating an orange as opposed to orange juice is likely a better option, as well, because the sugar content is lower and the pulp of the orange is present. Read the ingredients on highly processed packages of prepared foods and you may cringe when you see how much sugar the product admits to containing. For brain function, you might want to make a healthier choice. And, by the way, Happy St. Patrick's day!

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