Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cognitive Functions

Several cognitive functions are believed to work in conjunction with many other neural processes to create your belief systems (among other things). Those six cognitive functions are:

  • Abstractive - dealing with ideas rather than events
  • Quantitative – measuring by the quantity of something rather than its quality
  • Cause-and-effect – a relationship between actions or events in that one or more events result from the action or actions (some say that for every action there is a reaction, some being more obvious than others)
  • Dualistic-oppositional- a perspective that two concepts, ideas, beliefs, perspectives, or things are polar opposites or antonyms of each other
  • Reductionist - reducing the whole to its parts in an attempt to make the world seem more comprehensible
  • Holistic - perceiving how things are connected into a whole

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