Tuesday, October 23, 2018

PET Scans and Cancer

Dr. Warburg’s research discovered  found that cancer cells broke down huge amounts of glucose (blood sugar) to create energy for cell replication without requiring oxygen—even though it is much more efficient to use oxygen-fueled reactions as do healthy cells. Warburg tested human tumors and concluded that cancer cells were “glucose hogs.” It is not particularly good when cancer cells are scarfing down 10-20 times as much glucose as a healthy cell would consume. Warburg’s discovery, later named the Warburg effect, is estimated to occur in up to 80 percent of cancers. It is so fundamental to most cancers that as brain scanning equipment was invented, PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scans emerged as an important tool in the staging and diagnosis of cancer. They work simply by revealing the places in the body where cells are consuming extra glucose. Your body is considered part of the subconscious mind. Therefore, cancer in the body impacts the brain; cancer in the brain impacts the body. More tomorrow.  

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