Thursday, October 18, 2018

Read it Again?

And speaking of “reading,” remember that reading aloud for 10 minutes a day is an anti-aging strategy. Benefits may derive from the multiple pathways that are used when reading aloud. For example, not only the eyes are looking at the page and decoding the letters and words, but the ears are listening to the words as you articulate them. Reading aloud also requires the use of tongue and lips and teeth as your mouth produces the required sounds. And your larynx or voice box is working to generate word sounds. And if you choose to read a favorite passage several days in a row, pay attention to what is going on in your brain. Are you identifying what you are reading in a new way? Are you perceiving nuances that were missed the first time through or gaining a new over-all flavor? Pay attention. It can be quite interesting . . . and all the time you are reading you are age-proofing your brain . . .

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