Friday, March 8, 2019

Spontaneous Remission, 2

According to Bernie Siegel, most patients who, instead of dying as predicted, get well—view their illness or disease as a wake-up call. The wake-up call prompts them to think carefully about how they are living, about a Longevity Lifestyle, if you will. They tend to change how they have viewed life, how they have lived life to date, and make major alterations in what they think, talk about, eat and drink, and how they feel, who they hang out with, and how their spend their time. Human beings (especially younger human beings) often perceive that “it won’t happen to me,” or “I’m different and exempt from what happens to other people.” The changes people make in their lifestyle when they almost die with a severe illness or disease, tend to begin with the realization that they are NOT exempt from the laws of nature, from the consequences of their own choices. Amazingly, the human body is quite resilient and making immediate different choices can lead to improved health and wellbeing—and sometimes to spontaneous remission. 

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