Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Sun, Summer, and the Brain

Nothing much on Planet Earth would live without the sun: people, creatures, plants, organisms in and out of the sea, and so on. Summer is here and the days are longer, which allows for more exposure to sunlight. Its benefits have been widely touted, including light during the day and reflected moonlight at night. Warmth and heat for sure. Vitamin D production, a positive impact on some Immune System Cells, a positive mood in the brain, and so on. Some also know the down side as in sunburns, skin cancer, depression as in Seasonal Affective Disorder, scorching of plants (and sometimes other living entities) with eventual death from dehydration, and damage to the eye, and so on. Sunlight is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, a way of describing wavelengths, energy, and so on.

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