Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Brain Belief – Common Questions, 2

Where do beliefs originate or come from?

Beliefs are tricky concepts. They can originate from almost anything and anyone. Your brain creates your beliefs from what you are taught and from what you learned—two different things. For example, some are taught that anger is a bad thing. From observations of adults in one’s life, your brain may learn that anger is only a bad thing for females—it’s expected and accepted from males. Beliefs may include cellular memory from biological ancestors, role-modeling by anyone in your proximal environment; from interactions with people you admire or don’t wish to emulate, your own life experiences, what you watch on TV and movies, what you read, what political or religious leaders tell you, and so on. In adulthood, it is critically important to ask yourself:  “What do I believe? Where did it come from? Who or what do I believe in?” Your beliefs can impact your brain bias.

Beliefs can impact a brain’s bias? (more to come)

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